FLOS x 柒点 | 2021前瞻,期遇“设计上海”


💡 Flos:新品国内首秀

2021年6月3日- 6日:“设计上海”



💡 Flos:Preview Flos’ 2021 new products

June 3-6, 2021: “Design Shanghai”

FLOS and Qiaodian once again will collaborae on Design Shanghai 2021 and present the Flos 2021 new architectural and decorative products.Image

💡 Flos:WIRELINE 吊灯

设计师:Formafantasma, 2021

这款吊灯设计简约大气、个性突出,延续了WireRing壁灯以光源线作为设计特征。将皮革与LED光源组成,灯具的玻璃材质与橡胶的工业感质形成鲜明的对比,可以单件或几件组合。      Image


Designed by Formafanstasma

For WireLine Formafantasma is again using the power cable as one of the main design features. Flattened to resemble a belt made of rubber and hanging from the ceiling, the cable holds a ribbed glass extrusion containing an LED light source. It can be installed as a single piece or repeated to obtain elaborate visual compositions.Image

💡 Flos:Bellhop Floor 落地灯

设计师:Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, 2021年

Bellhop 诞生于Flos为新的伦敦设计博物馆设计台灯的时候。这款创新的落地灯,顶部朝下翻转,顶部玻璃发出光线。小巧可爱的圆灯造型,正如它的名字,像一位等待你呼唤的男孩。 Image

💡 Flos:Bellhop Floor

Designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, 2021

Edward Barber said:“We suggested to Flos that we should make an uplighter as part of the Bellhop collection. So, we flipped the top upside-down, butwe needed a bit more character for such a large scale lamp.We did this by making the top glass, which gives a really lovely glow.”Image


设计师:Designed by Michael Anastassiades

这是一款造型极为简洁的灯,铜质钢管线条明朗,与圆形形成各种简约搭配,整体没有一丝多余的点缀。Michael Anastassiades对极简主义的热爱,此次的作品与IC LIGHT系列有着异曲同工之妙。Image


Designed by Michael Anastassiades 

Coordinates’ is a lighting system consisting of horizontal and vertical strip lights that form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities. The system can be easily adapted for different environments of varying scale.In addition to the suspension chandeliers there are also two wall models.Image


💡 Flos x 柒点QQODD

Flos 携手 柒点QQODD 参展 2020年11月26日-29日“设计上海”。


FLOS诞生于上世纪60年代的意大利,极具浪漫主义的国度,产品不仅注重等的实用功能,设计的线条也非常优美,这次展会给予我们展示作品、更深交流的机会。 Image


💡 Flos x 柒点QQODD 

Flos collaborated with QQODD at Design Shanghai 2020.

QQODD, located in the city Chengdu, is focuses on lighting business of European brands. FLOS, lighting manufacturer born in Italy in the 1960s. The exhibition is a start of a deeper collaboration between Flos and QQODD.Image


The products displayed during the exhibition shows harmony between iconic forms, timeless aesthetics, innovation and technology, to meet the needs of modern life. Image

FLOS 创造了一系列经典明星产品,简约的流线造型和贵族风范,至今仍然引领着整个灯具行业的潮流,照亮我们的过去与现在,也让我们看到了辉煌的未来。 Image

FLOS has created many iconic products in the history of lighting design, with innovation, originality and timeless design. Image


「我们的故事」 :

💡 Flos x 柒点QQODD 

柒点QQODD,沿着FLOS前进的轨迹,紧跟时间的脉络,见识真正的FLOS。2019年8月,柒点QQODD一行人曾应邀到意大利 Brescia 参观FLOS总部,体验其对设计及生产的精湛要求,感受品牌的文化及产品的精神内涵。

展览结束,而我们之间故事还在延续。Flos中国区总经理 Huber Yang 在展会结束后到访了柒点国际的成都展厅。


(Flos中国区总经理 Huber Yang 到访柒点成都展厅)

「Our story」:

💡 Flos x 柒点QQODD 

In August 2019, the QQODD team was invited to visit the FLOS headquarter in Brescia, Italy, to experience its exquisite requirements for design and production, and to feel brand’s culture and philosophy.

The 2020 exhibition was over, but the story between us continues. Huber Yang, general manager of Flos China, visited the Chengdu showroom of QQODD after the exhibition.

2012, a new year with new life and new target!